The Kisbéri-félvér horse

The Hungarian Royal Stud-farm of Kisbér was established by King Ferenc József I in 1853. His aim was to breed noble horses for military use. Beside the English thoroughbreds, different types of horses were collected in Kisbér. This carefully selected stock, though rather mixed in pedigree, was bred to excellent thoroughbred stallions for several generations. This work resulted in a saddle horse breed of high thoroughbred blood. These horses were heavier and more quiet than thoroughbreds, with good conformation and ready to work.

By the era between the first and second World Wars these horses were found to be too light. That's why "félvér" stallions by the best thoroughbreds, and later even stallions from the Mezőhegyes breeds were used. As a result, the over-refined Kisbéri breed became heavier while maintaining its nobility, elegance, speed and stamina. To conserve these valuable traits, the young mares were tried in field trials and hunts.

To improve the movement and riding traits, a few Trakehner stallions were imported not long before the second World War.

Since the War, horses have not been used for military reasons any more. Horses today are primarily used for sport beside the agricultural work. The Kisbéri breed was extremely good for sports, so it almost disappeared in the ill-considered sport-type crossing of the sixties and seventies. The Kisbéri Association (Kisbéri-félvér Lótenyésztő Országos Egyesület) was established in 1989 from the remained horses of the former state farm and co-operative farm studs and the private stock with Kisbéri pedigree.

Today's Kisbéri félvér is valuable pleasure- and family horse, while some individuals can compete successfully in international competitions, too. The Kisbéri horses are famous for their elegant, noble looks, good conformation, reliability and stamina. This breed, together with the other traditional breeds, make an important part of the national culture and history of Hungary.


Aki regisztrál a honlapon, az elsők között fog értesülni az egyesülettel kapcsolatos hírekről.



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